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Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who discovered Madison Beer. He acts as Madison's mentor and "big brother."


On July 17, 2012, Justin Bieber tweeted a link to Madison's cover of "At Last". Soon, Madison's name trended on Twitter and people began talking about her.[1] After a while, Madison flew out to LA, met with Justin, signed with Scooter Braun for management, and began to work on her debut album.



After Justin discovered Madison in mid-2012, they became good friends. Madison went to one of Justin's concerts on November 28, 2012.[2] On Madison’s 14th birthday, Justin brought her on stage during his London Believe concert. He gave her a cake and had the whole audience sing happy birthday.[3][4][5] In April 2013, Madison tried to have a meet and greet with her fans at a mall but they had to shut it down because it was getting out of control. Justin later tweeted her, "shuttin down malls huh? Don’t get anybody arrested. lol."[6] Madison attended the Believe.[7] Justin included Madison in his 2013 Music Portfolio in Teen Vogue.[8]


Madison wished Justin a happy 20th birthday through Facebook.[9] In April 2014 Madison and Justin were in the studio together.[10] A couple days later, Madison told a paparazzi that she had recorded two new duets with Justin. She said he wrote both of the songs and she was excited for everyone to hear them.[11] Madison was spotted int he studio again with Justin in May of that year.[12] In June 2014, Madison said her favorite Justin Bieber songs were "All That Matters" and "Hard 2 Face Reality."[13] In the first week of 2015, Madison tweeted to her followers that they should get ready for Justin's new music.[14] In Madison's May 2015 live chat, she said she was looking forward to going in the studio with Justin and finishing a song that they had started a while ago.[15] Justin, Madison, and Hailey Baldwin went out to dinner on June 1, 2015.[16] Madison was featuring in Justin's countdown campaign to his song "What Do You Mean?"[17] She tweeted she was proud of him when the song came out.[18] Justin also tweeted about the countdown to Madison's song "All for Love."[19]


Justin is the most genuine, nice, and amazing person honestly I've ever met. You know he's just always looks out for me and he really takes care of people. He really makes sure that everyone's okay. He's really genuine. He's the person that you see, that goes out and takes care of his band, really goofy and joking, like he's just awesome... He's a good role model. Like a really, really good guy.

– Madison, June 2014[20]


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